Nerve Growth Factor

About Us

Sinobioway Bio-medicine Co., Ltd., founded in December 1998, is a research-driven biopharmaceutical company located in Xiamen PKU Biopark, which covers an area of 10 hectares as part of Zhonglun Park in Jinshang Road of Xiamen City. Xiamen PKU Biopark is the most beautiful garden-style bio-manufacturing base in China.


Sinobioway Medicine has always been striving to stay on the front line in China’s biopharmaceutical industry. It has successfully developed and manufactured Nobex (Nerve Growth Factor for injection), the first therapeutic drug for neural injury in the world, also the first finding awarded Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicines that has been marketed by Chinese. Sinobioway Medicine has built the world’s largest production line for Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) for injection with an annual production capacity of 10million vials. 

Sinobioway Medicine is devoted to developing the series products of Nerve Growth Factor, Cytokines, polypeptides and monoclonal antibody drugs (McAb). 

Sinobioway Medicine is a core member of Beijing Sinobioway Group Co., Ltd. (Sinobioway Group) which, founded in 1992, is one of the three main corporations affiliated to Beijing University. Sinobioway Group primarily invests in biomedicine, bioagriculture, bioenergy, bioenvironment, bioservices,bio-manufacturing and biointelligence. With such achievements, Sinobioway Group serves as a flagship of bioindustry in China. Through over 20 years of development, Sinobioway has made significant contributions to the growth of the bioindustry in China via its pioneering work and breakthroughs in this field; meanwhile, it has accomplished remarkable achievements and has formed three advantages of a solid industrial foundation, an innovative economic system and a unique development philosophy.

Sinobioway Medicine has always been committed to generating the best quality products. Its quality control, quality assurance, and validation teams are involved throughout all stages of the life of each product from pre-production to commercial marketing.